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Awakening Vajra is an international non-profit organization founded in 2010 by Venerable Geshe Gyalten in order to fulfill the dreams of His Eminence Choden Rinpoche to teach and preserve the Five Branches of study from the Nalanda spiritual tradition. Its ultimate goal is to awaken the roots of compassion, love and wisdom in the hearts of students for the benefit and welfare of all beings. The Five Branches of Study are: Buddhadharma Linguistics Healing Arts Fine Arts Astrology and Feng Shui
Awakening Vajra International
Awakening Vajra InternationalWednesday, May 9th, 2018 at 2:52pm
Geshe Gyalten upcoming series of teachings and 21 Tara retreats in Vietnam
Awakening Vajra International
Awakening Vajra International added 2 new photos — with Geshe Gyalten Kungka.Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 at 2:28pm
Geshe Gyalten upcoming teaching in Taiwan,Experiential Mahamudra retreat in Taipei and dream yoga teaching in Taitung
Awakening Vajra International
Awakening Vajra International is with Geshe Gyalten Kungka.Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 at 1:47pm
Meditation is the reliable guide who leads us, whilst seeking and searching, to find and abide in the true nature of ultimate reality.
It leads to realization of "who it is that I am", and "why I am here", "where I do come from" and "whither I'm bound"?

Meditation is the singular answer to all, any question we have concerning this, our existence: in withholding reply, it answers them all.

Meditation—the sophisticated technology that leads to ascent: leaving the feeling of loneliness to self-dependently stand for one's own.

It seasons bland taste, like being alone, with the savory experience of the entirety of phenomena, all appearing within—unrestricted in time and unbound by space.

Meditation, what bliss! An inward journey devoid of a goer, no concept of `past', `future', `present' to cunningly leave rose-cushioned thorns on the way.

We thus proceed from the unknown to become the knower of knowing, from the vicissitudes of slavery to the contented serenity of mastery within.

We naturally abandon the need of `being someone' for resting in freedom, sky-like and free; embracing all beings without rising from space---

After our day's work is done, we rest our head on the pillow, and meditating proceed from exhaustion to sleep, from sleep to dream, from dream to full awakening.

Meditation---what beautiful process of alchemy, whereby rigidity melts and dim bleakness evaporates, we becoming trusting like water caressing even sharp cliffs, remaining graceful and flexible in the way that we flow.

Meditation, what marvel, how potent! Its qualities soar like the piercing-eyed eagle, beholding our innate purity, even when horizons away!

From deep within the pool of innately firm purity, there radiates bliss and relaxed, lucid focus shines forth from below; unhindered clarity weds tranquil intelligence---join us and welcome the love that is kindness, their first-born and glorious heir!
Is that wonderful? Emaho!
Geshe Gyalten